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Marionette Music   Marionette Music
Seaing Is Believing - 1952 whole show
Once Upon A Legend - 1953 1  2  3  4
Flying Sorcerers - 1954 1  2
Alice In Wonderland - 19552
No Head, No Tale - 1956 1  2
Rip Van Winkle - 1957 1  2
Varieties of '58 - 1958 1  2
Time And Again - 1960 whole show
Aladdin And The Lamp - 1961 whole show
Magic In The Stars - 1962 whole show

Annual Marionette Show Tonite!
Kamp Kewanee, July 26, 1952... Tonite, in Kewanee's Lodge, a capacity crowd will witness the annual production of the La Scala Marionette troupe. Starring many talented kampers, this year's production exceeds those of all past in size and sparkle. The newly built marionette stage will reveal some of the best and trickiest dolls ever turned out by the capable hands of Jimmy A.....

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