Steve Moses' Reunion Poem

Steve Moses entertained us with this poem at the great 2001 Kamp Kewanee reunion.

At this Kamp reunion season
With little rhyme and even less reason
Let some memories set sail
Let's traverse the Lackawanna Trail.

Kamp Kewanee, we all are you
We have lots of you inside
Kamp Kewanee this much is true
We remember
As of you we're write, write, writing.

Kee Kee Wah, Kee Kee Wee
A nostalgic bunch are we
Let's think back to Kewanee
The Kamp we love so well
Let's reminisce and do like this
Of Kewanee!

Given choices we'd just as soon
Be in Fleetville or La Plume
A tray of beers, ten cent each
Twenty-nine "Stegs" and one "UC".

Khief Kewanee, revered Indian
Ah Wah Tah Na Siam
King Kneptune always arrived by boat
Requiring rock and toilet paper to float.

Kanoe trips leave from Johnson City in a panic
How the hell will we get to Tunkhannock?
And to make it more confusing
We change kampers at Wyalusing.

We remember overnight hikes
Campfire stories and the likes
We remember echoed taps
We remember Ten Hundred craps.

My Amateur Hour thoughts begin
With "Linda" by the Levy twins
My Amateur Hour thoughts end
With the best part:
When it ends.

Teams and leagues and Color War
Points and runs and keeping score
Competitiveness in every direction
In Red and Black you could lose inspection!

I remember fly balls dropped by Jimmy A
But who the hell am I to say?
Saturday services religiously trained you
We can all sing En Kelohenu.

Will you ever forget Frank Thwing
As he declared his right to wash his thing
And Skinny Ennis with after taps kindness
Threatened to kill us to prevent teen age blindness.

Remember the Teel Club or Teel Society
I know it involved some impropriety
And Alan Levinson's sore muscle liniment
Which he rubbed into a place too intimate.

I've a question for you "Alta Kockers":
If we didn't have girls, how'd we have knockers?
KTG and marionettes
These were about as good as it gets.

The years fly by yet
These are things we never forget
Dolbear Sechrist Bunnell Mauer
Eshelman Pelton I could go for an hour.

Alice, Nurse and Mrs. A
Skullcaps, Triangle and Diamond K
Leon Earl Rubin and Don
Oh how time just marches on.

When the moon shines through those lonely pines
I'll remember these thoughts if not these lines
I'll end as I began: This poem's through
Kamp Kewanee: We all are you.

Steve Moses
September 8, 2001