Gordon Lawrence's Reunion Song

We all enjoyed this witty and entertaining acapella performance at the 2001 Kamp Kewanee Reunion.

(Sung to the tune of "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things")

Melody by Oscar Hammerstein. Lyrics by Gordon Lawrence.

Reuben and Leon and Earl and their horseshoes
Kounselors from Scranton who never had seen Jews
Red spotted purples with colorful wings
These were a few of our favorite things.

(If the answer is: Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln,
the question must be: Name two presidents and a laundry)

No food on the tentline 'cause kamp owners say so
Dave Sechrist belting out En Kelohenu
Marionetters all pulling their strings
These were a few of our favorite things.

The grove was a shady and idyllic acre
It bordered that pond they called Lake Manataka
Line-ups as soon as the second bell rings
These were some more of our favorite things.

When the rain drips
Through the tent flap
When I'm feeling wet
I simply remember my favorite things
And go get my butterfly net.

(If the answer is: Head Kounselor,
the question must be: What did Dick Griswold want to be called after he cleaned 1000?)

Nicholson Bridge jumps to show your bravado
Yours truly as Yum Yum in the Mikado
And Frank Dolbear playing all those Pirate Kings
May or may not be your favorite things.

Cleaning your tent out for daily inspection
Compulsory soap swim to prevent infection
Rainstorms and skunk smells and bumblebee stings
Probably were not your favorite things.

(If the answer is: Frank, Trenny and Winnie the Pooh,
the question must be: Name three doll bears)

Overnight hikes when your feet would get blisters
Kounselors dating those good-looking sisters
Dick Hess on the mound with his dazzling flings
These were some more of our favorite things.

Poison jars, pump lamps and wood for the fire
That kounselor pitcher they always would hire
The after taps sounds of the pongs and the pings
These were some more of our favorite things.

(If the answer is: tall kounselors,
the question must be: Who were excluded from all those short kounselor meetings?)

Will I earn a skullcap? Relax, please don't panic
Track, swimming and baseball with Camp Susquehannock
Taps before bedtime that everyone sings
These were among our most favorite things.

(If the answer is: a line drive between the outfielders, a kounselor at rest hour and 1000,
the question must be: name a gapper, a napper and a crapper)

Final banquet
Kamp is over
But you want to stay
You simply remember your favorite thing
Next June is just ten months away.

If you still use a laundry bag and not a hamper
It's clear you remain to this day a kamper
Ah, those wonderful memories reunion brings
Kewanee was one of our favorite things.